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Queen Mother slams Chief of Aburi

The Queen Mother of Aburi Atweasin in the Akuapim South District of the Eastern region has alleged that the Chief of Aburi who doubled as the Adontenhene of Okuapim Traditional Council, Otoobour Djan Kwesi II is behind the recent chieftaincy dispute in the area.

Backing her claim,  Nana Efua Sarfowah said, some linguists to the chief of Aburi were involved in the process of re-enstooling one Nana Frimpong  Kodua who she claim has been destooled for some time now.

Addressing the Press on Thursday, February 28,2019 in  her private residence at Adenta, Nana Efua Sarfowah said the process of  re-enstooling  the said Nana Frimpong  Kodua was influenced by Otoobour Djan Kwesi II, hence her allegation.

The Queen Mother of Aburi Atweasin revealed that she does not regard Nana Frimpong Kodua as the Chief of the area but rather Nana Tutu Brempong Kumah II whom she has approved.

On his part, Nana Tutu Brempong Kumah II averred that  he didn’t want to comment on the matter since it is before the traditional council of Akropong, however he finds it so intriguing that a faction, in spite of the matter being before the traditional council, went ahead to enstool a chief who does not qualify.

Meanwhile,responding to the allegations leveled by the Queen Mother of Aburi Atweasin, the Chief of Aburi, Otoobour Djan Kwesi II described the chiefs and queen mothers of Aburi Atweasin as very disrespectful.

“The chiefs and Queen Mothers of Atweasin are disrespectful. They claim they are not under the jurisdiction of Aburi. So when there is an issue within the community, they don’t inform me send the issue to Akropong traditional Council”, he said.

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Describing the allegation as baseless, the Chief of Aburi said “who their chief becomes is not his concern but must be informed of the decision they take”. Osei Marfo

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