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Bullet insulted Ebony with abusive words like ‘Kurasini,villager,spoilt child’-father

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In a recent interview on TV3, Ebony’s father, Nana Opoku Kwarteng stated his daughter suffered unprinted verbal abuse at the hands of her manager Bullet throughout the course of her time working with him.
According to Ebony’s father who is now described by some sections of social media users as the starboy Kwarteng because of his recent fight with Bullet in the media — Ebony suffered a lot at the hands of Bullet who constantly used abusive words on her, some of which he stated can’t repeat on air.
He said the words Bullet used to described his daughter was so abusive that it would be shocking for Ghanaians to hear.
Besides, verbally, I said it before, I have voices here that you will be amazed to hear. And I believe I wouldn’t be able to put that out, I wouldn’t do that,”
The contract never said the manager should use certain words like that on anybody like that. I didn’t see anything like that. He said words like ‘Kurasini’, ‘foolish girl’, and a bad girl. There are a lot of other words, but I can’t say that because I am an elderly man.”He said in an interview on TV3.
He continued that, his differences with Bullet are not because he’s ‘greedy’, as the artist manager would like to portray, but that he’s just taking care of what is owed his daughter.
Nana Opoku Kwarteng’s recent interviews mark the latest chapter in the breakdown of the relationship between Mr Kwarteng and Bullet since the death of Ebony on February 8 this year.
The singer died in a gory accident on the Sunyani-Kumasi highway together with a friend Franklina Maame Yaa Tebua Nkansah alias Franky Kuri and a soldier, Lance Corporal Atsu Vondee.

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